Grace and stillness – A retreat to connect with inner peace

Date(s) - 29/04/2019 - 03/05/2019 - All Day


Grace is an energy source.

Stillness is your inner world.


I am an ever-flowing grace within myself
I carry stillness within myself
I am serenity within myself
The energy that strengthen me.
– by Guiomar Rebelo


Our intention for this retreat:

This retreat offer you a friendly, nourishing 5 days of learning the art of regular silence and learning techniques that help liberates from intensity of modern living and connect with our inner self can help us maintain an upward trajectory of inner growth and peace.

Who is this retreat for?

 So forget lazing on a lounger!

The latest way of breaks/holidays are retreats.
Grace & Stillness Retreat it is for anyone with experience in meditation and yoga, or beginners who are looking for a different style of break or need to withdraw from busy life.
Of course any holiday helps you unwind, but more and more people want their breaks to tackle a specific goal could it be improving your health!

Our Retreat gives you the opportunity to become a Certified Access Bars Practitioner, able to use it with your family, friends, and co-workers.
The retreat offers you the chance to dip into healing techniques, silence, meditation practices, contemplation, 1-1 spiritual counselling, Soul Plan Reading  workshop (life purpose analysis) with Guiomar, Grace Yoga with Judita, various types of massage with Joana, energetic healing, walking in beautiful grounds or by the sea.

We offer you delicious homemade vegan or vegetarian food and you will come back from your retreat/holiday, restful, sleeping better, with renewed energy or better digestive health.
Guiomar, Joana and Judita are professional holistic therapists’ facilitators who will support you on your 5 days journey of wellbeing.

About Access Bars Certification:

Judita is a Licensed Access Bars Facilitator or Access Certified Facilitator

Access Bars is a relaxing treatment consisting of gently touching 32 points of the head which release stress, tension and limiting beliefs. It’s like defragmenting your computer disk.

The Access Bars are the very core and foundation of Access Consciousness. Access bars course normally takes 7 hours because we have min 1-hour theory and 4 sessions to do – 2 giving and 2 receiving, then people might have questions between … we have divided it into 3 days.

On the last day of our retreat we will have a Certificate Award ceremony where we hand out the Certificates of Completion.

Enjoy and learn how to meditate:

Studies have found meditation can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels, but you don’t have to sit still to do it, you will learn how to meditate, practise breathing exercises and discover how to be ‘in the moment’. You will enjoy silent walks meditation through the surroundings or on the Seven Sisters at Seaford, facilitated by Guiomar and Judita.

About the Soul Plan Reading:

Soul Plan Reading has its roots in the ancient Hebrew gematria. In the second half of the last century a new set of interpretations under the title ‘Numerology of Moses’ were channelled by the visionary Frank Alper (author of Discovering Atlantis). In this present format Blue Marsden founder of the Holistic Healing College has extended on the original, added new interpretations, added some elements of numerology and channelled additional material. This is presented with where possible a non-dualistic, more androgynous and modern orientation relevant to the 21st century and our current time.

Soul Plan is interpretation of an ancient way of studying life’s purpose. Is a powerful and accurate system which serves as a tool for life purpose guidance and healing by clearing of core limiting beliefs, old patterns and issues. The reading examines both conscious and unconscious mind with the aim of allowing more connection, guidance, clarity, satisfaction and healing to your life. A Soul Plan reading is based on the sound vibration of a person’s name (as it appears on birth certificate). On this workshop Guiomar will help you to discover who you are and why you are here and understand your life challenges and how to overcome them by using your talents and gifts.



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