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The Willow Clinic Retreat


Sal Worringham ~ Padma Devi, which means Lotus Goddess, is a joyful, complementary therapist, of 28 years, at The Willow Clinic, in Guildford Surrey.

Trained in The Bowen Technique. Various healing methods. EFT and EMO, with The Guild of Energists, Compassionate Inquiry, with Dr Gabor Maté and Sat Dharam Kaur, Teaching yoga and meditation classes.

Sal continues to immerse in a daily personal practice of Compassionate Inquiry, Yoga, Meditation, Mantra and Wellbeing. Continuing to learn and explore trainings that are always openly a shared with her students.

Sal’s retreats are about exploring our full potential. Inquiring into what defence mechanisms and coping strategies arise whilst exploring a path of wellbeing, how do we compassionately, with authenticity, navigate this journey of life? Unraveling the true intentions behind our actions so that yoga becomes a way of life and not only a practice on the mat. When the world presses and compresses our nervous system responses into survive, Sal’s retreats guide us to remember that we can thrive. The spiritual path is about remembering and forgetting, yoga allows us the space to be kind to ourselves and every living throughout the journey.

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