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The Spirit of the Drum

One of the few fundamental things we know about our universe is that everything in it is vibrating, is in motion and has rhythm, which is the true Mother Tongue that unites us all and which started with the Big Bang. We are cradled in a world of rhythm. When giant meteorites crash into the planet with sufficient force, the earth vibrates like a drum and shamans the world over know that the drum is “Great Spirit’s favourite instrument, which is why we are all given a heartbeat…”

The drum is the most ancient instrument in the world, dating back tens of thousands of years. It has been used within healing work, ritual & ceremony, rites of passage, divination, celebration and for moving between the worlds. More than any other instrument, it gives us a powerful link with our tribal past. But how does one authentically step into a relationship with that which animates it; the Spirit of the Drum?

The focus of this workshop is to initiate participants into a profound communion with the spirit behind and within the drum, guided by two teachers known for their connection and communion with the drum and its spirit. It will be a complete immersion into the sacred worlds of the drum, accessing certain threshold locations and ceremonial encounters all of which will be driven by the Spirit of the Drum and those ancestors and ancient ones who carry its guardianship. Drum, fire, earth, dance, prayer, sweat, trance, healing, story, song, ceremony and ecstasy will all be placed into the cauldron that we shall imbibe from. If the Spirit of the Drum calls to you, we call to you to be with us

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