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The Sacred Trust workshop

The Sacred Trust is a UK-based not-for-profit educational organisation offering shamanic trainings and workshops on shamanism from weekends to three-year shamanic practitioner trainings.

For over a quarter of a century we have been offering an ongoing curriculum of courses and trainings in cross-cultural and classical shamanism. These include two-week & one month intensives, a Three Year Professional Shamanic Practitioners Training, shamanic darkness retreats, trainings from The Lyceum, courses in Animal Spirit Medicine and other teaching events of note.

Arte Triptych Melissae is a private, three-part training for women in the ways of the distaff members of the Lyceum, namely the Melissae. The Melissae draw their inspiration from a different spring than most: it is an arcane discipline, a vein, an underground working – difficult to trace but easy to recognise once encountered. The training itself is imparted in three folds, each educating the participant in the ways and wiles of one of the three sisterhoods associated with these vibrant ways.

Here, specific meditations and ceremonial practices that revolve around the Lemniscatic Volatus – the Dance of Infinite Flight – are imparted and utilised to move between worlds and step outside and beyond the circles of time. Students will be stretched so that they might reach through the surface of these ways, accessing practical applications of the work to be applied to themselves and others. Within these practices and accompanying ceremonial work and ritual action, a path is laid leading to physical and metaphysical health and simultaneously a pilgrimage is made towards a vital and radiant life and the tableaux of honey and sting.

This training is by application only and enquires should be directed to India Rose Waters at Applications for 2025 are now being considered.

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