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The Grove Practice Retreat

This training in embodiment has been designed for practitioners in mental health and wellbeing, such as counsellors, psychotherapists, and coaches. Many clients and therapists feel as though they are losing touch with their innate selves, in our increasingly digital and disembodied world. Global events such as the Covid pandemic and armed conflict can increase this sense of disconnection – which affects mental health and wellbeing.

This course shows how focused attention to embodiment can bring us back to ourselves, through intentional use of breath, body, and sound. Through learning a toolkit of techniques, practising them in an embodied way, course participants learn new ways of being and how to facilitate their clients or patients in a more embodied practice. The benefits include greater insight about emotion and internal process, gained through body-based awareness.

The course content is trauma-informed, incorporating understanding of brain and body effects of trauma, plus psycho-education on embodiment in trauma.This creates a safe relational space for therapeutic work, in collaboration with the client to empower their recovery. There is also attention to authentic social identity.

The format of the course has been structured for ease of access by Zoom, followed by consolidation of skills through meeting as a group – which makes sense for an embodiment course.

The training begins on Zoom for the 4 dates in June and July 2023. These 4 dates are in 2 blocks of Friday and Saturday: 16 & 17 June, then 7 & 8 July.

The second part of the course is attended in person for a coastal weekend retreat in East Sussex to embody the learning and skills practice. The dates of the retreat are the afternoon of Friday 22 September through to Sunday 24 September 2023. The retreat brings exclusive use by our group of the whole retreat centre house and grounds, including accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus unlimited tea, coffee, and fruit. Which means that you can totally focus on the course as an embodied experience, because everything else is looked after for you.

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