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Sacred Breath: Warm Water Breathwork Retreat with Kerry Veitch & Simona Dvorackova


Ready for a deep soul journey? Ready to let the consciousness of water and the consciousness in your breath unite, to hold you in a sacred space? Join Kerry Veitch and co-facilitators for a time for healing, connection and growth, as you are guided back to source, back to the essence of who you are and what you have come here to experience.

In these five day retreat we invite you to slow right down, to feel the magic in full body presence, to be able to explore deep rooted, pre-verbal and somatic imprints. We’ll be exploring your birth patterns, pre-natal and in the time shortly after birth. All held within your system.

Warm Water Rebirthing is a gentle yet profound form of conscious connected breathwork which induces an altered state of consciousness. This allows the body to process emotions, energy, and birth patterns on a somatic level.

In this experiential retreat we honour the birthing energy as a sacred process, knowing that it will guide us perfectly to rebirth and a new awareness. The power of the breath, a safe space, and tuning into divine feminine energy allows for that transformation.


Most of us have not considered our birth much, even though it was probably the most significant moment in our life so far! Understanding your birth can reveal a whole lot about us as well as providing a great framework for releasing old patterns, healing and personal growth.

And for most of us, our first experience of coming into this world was surrounded by pain and fear, most likely there were interventions such as drugs, or surgery. Maybe there was a sense of fear in our mother. So most of us did not feel supported, or even welcomed in the way that maybe we could have been. In this retreat we will reclaim our birth right, to come into this world being welcomed with unconditional love.

Our body stores memories which can stay with us for a lifetime. When we are in utero our earliest feelings, emotions, fears are embedded in and shape our limbic system, and they are held in our nervous system. At this time we had no cognitive mind yet or way of “understanding” what’s happening to us in order to reframe that experience. As a result these deep patterns are part of the framework of virtually all of our experiences. Without conscious awareness and effort to re-experience and re-frame those experiences were indelibly influenced by them.

So it is possible that as adults we are unconsciously re-creating patterns in our lives that are an expression of our limbic imprint, this is called your Birth Pattern. If we notice these patterns as persistent or having no known origin they are likely to come from our perinatal experience. They quite often show up when we are going through life’s transitions or in our relationships.

If we can allow the breath to take us back to a place of origin, to a place where we can understand and resolve these pre-verbal traumas we are making changes at the deepest cellular level.

Now it is easier to see the ‘negative patterns’ but of course we pick up resilience, love, strength and connection also..

Aspects that can be affected in our lives by our birth pattern include:

  • Our sense of self- esteem – Seeing ourselves as a bad undeserving person.
  • Our ability to trust our intuition and sense of purpose in life
  • Our state of readiness to move forward in life or willingness to commit
  • How we handle physical and emotional pain – do we numb out or become flooded with anxiety?
  • How we cope in social situations


On the brow of Seaford Head, Sussex, sits Florence House; rock solid in the sea air and surrounding wild landscape. In many ways its situation is a metaphor for its life’s purpose – a haven for the spirit, however the wind blows. In essence, it lovingly embraces divine inspiration, the sacredness and potential of each individual and the healing power of the landscape in which it sits.

The house is set in 6 acres within an area of outstanding natural beauty on the edge of the South Downs National Park and has views of Seaford Head and Seaford Head Golf Course. The beach is a 2 minute walk away.

Southdown Road, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 4JS

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