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Retreat with Sophia Efthimiou

This retreat is for anyone who wants to nurture their relationship with their voice and empower themselves to express more freely.

“Sounding is the most direct way to experience our true essence and connect to our hearts.”

Some of us know, and some are yet to discover, the healing power of sound and voice work for personal and collective transformation. Everything has a vibrational frequency. Through working consciously with sound and intention we can shift our own frequencies, enabling stuck patterns to unravel. When we sound together in a group we create a morphic field of resonance where the sound waves ripple out, within, and then beyond, the group, affecting the wider sphere of existence.

As women many of us have experienced, whether consciously or otherwise, feeling shut down around our vocal expression. Society has imposed ideas around the “feminine” that don’t allow for the full depth and breadth of what it is to be a woman. We may have adopted ideas around certain sounds being acceptable – that we have to sound sweet, gentle and pretty to get our needs met. When we take the lid off and allow our voices to sound freely, old stories and hidden emotions can be re-written and released. We also find we are able to access a deep-rooted source of strength from within. Through therapeutic vocal exercises and guided somatic journeys, we can discover and integrate the rejected parts of ourselves, and celebrate the joy and creative expression that is our essential nature.

What’s included:

  • Shared or single accommodation in a beautiful retreat venue on the edge of the South downs at Seaford head
  • A spacious programme with time to rest and integrate
  • Embodied vocal practices and therapeutic voice work to deepen and expand our relationship with our voice
  • Beautiful harmony songs woven into the journey to uplift the soul and reconnect to our hearts
  • Guided dance journeys to free stagnant energy in the body and connect to freedom of movement
  • Stunning walks with views over the Seven Sisters
  • Gentle morning yoga
  • Biodynamic massage (for an additional fee)
  • Daily sharing circle
  • Beautiful yurt with a woodburner for evening ceremony
  • Delicious, organic, plant-based food

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