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Life Alignment with Cherry Tyfield

What is life alignment?

Our bodies remember everything that has happened to us and stores the information away. Past trauma, suppressed emotions, pollutants, lifestyle stresses or physical injury cause energy blockages in the body and in some cases can even cause physical dis-ease.

Life Alignment pin points where the blockage is in the energy field and identifies what the story is attached to that energy blockage. Using various techniques, you work with your Life Alignment practitioner to release the story and therefore unblock the energy.

As a result, Pain can be relieved and our structure re-aligned often in a few minutes, even sometimes instantly, and can be applied to all issues be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual with benefit to all.

“Life Alignment is a journey of discovery, a movement of the soul towards Oneness of body, heart and mind” – Jeff Levin

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