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Florence House Seaford Ltd.

Deepening Into Life

Now more than ever people are feeling a need for a deeper and more meaningful connection to themselves, each other, and life itself. The old distractions and shallow quick fixes are no longer working (if they ever did), but with our busy lives and minds we often don’t make our spiritual health a priority, leaving us feeling clueless or overwhelmed as to where to begin…so we don’t. This results in us wrestling with a sense of confusion and inner turmoil that could be described as a kind of soul sickness. A real and tangible sense of lack and emptiness inside, which manifests in low mood, apathy, depression, anxiety, rage and despair, as well as many physical health issues. For just as we know we need to eat, sleep and exercise well to support our physical health, the same is true for our Spirit. We need regular practices and rituals to slow down and clear away the debris of modern day living that hinders our capacity to listen and be guided by a deeper wisdom.



Most of us have been conditioned to look for the answers to life and living from the outside, always searching, grasping, and wanting others to rescue this empty part of us. This inevitably leads to an endless cycle of seeking, disillusionment, emptiness and longing. And on it goes. What we have come to believe and is in alignment with many wisdom traditions, is that the journey of awakening is to uncover the innate and often buried wisdom within, leading us to true fulfilment, richer meaning, and deep inner peace.

On this journey back to ourselves, we draw upon the support of our spiritual allies, including the high vibrational energies of nature, the grounding force of earth, in harmony with the expansiveness of the universe, and what better place to hold us in this experience than the magic and wonder of Florence House in Seaford, which is located very close to the sea and the majestic cliffs that overlook it.


In addition to this, we will be returning to the connecting and healing power of community through true compassionate sharing and witnessing, holding safe space and the nourishment of being together with like hearted souls. As much as community is a fundamental part of our soul nourishment, so too is the magic of solitude, contemplation, silence and simply being.

Throughout our time together we will be:

  •  Exploring the egoic blocks to awakening.
  • • Experiencing the reality of our true spiritual nature through a transpersonal lens.
  • • Working with both the shadow and light within the human experience.
  • • Exploring the role of sacred contracts within our family dynamics and ancestral lineage.
  • • Establishing and integrating our archetypal nature.
  • • Finding the clarity we long for through the wisdom of the body, in order that we may live an embodied existence.
  • • Weaving the threads together – integrating all elements of the whole experience.
  • • Learning how to bring forward and apply all the remembered wisdom into your (extra)ordinary everyday life.

Offerings will include:

  • • Weaving the magic of ritual and ceremony together with the healing power of nature.
  • • Working with the body through movement, sound, breath, dance and song.
  • • Somatic release to access and enhance life force.
  • • Safe loving touch to allow experiences of human synergy.
  • • Spiritual resources to access higher dimensions, through prayer, meditation and visualisation.
  • • Exploring the natural world as a healing force, through connecting with the elements of water/fire/wood/earth & air.

We will begin our journey together as a group prior to the retreat through an online gathering. This will allow us to meet, connect, set our intentions and for you to ask any questions you might have.

If these Retreat offerings are calling to you and you wish to join us, the next steps are as follows:

  • • Read and agree to the terms and conditions (T&CS) attached.
  • • Secure your place by making full payment or a deposit as detailed in the T&Cs.

And then you may want to celebrate yourself for committing to your continued growth and expansion.

We are super excited to share this adventure together with you and can’t wait to see you there.

All Love
Donna & Gabi xx

Next Dates

Tuesday 14th to Sunday 19th January 2025

Florence House, East Sussex

£3,750 / £4,250 *

£3,750 for first 10 people to book and pay the non refundable deposit of £750 to secure their place with the balance to be paid by no later than 31st August.

* After this, the last 8 places available will be £4,250 with a non refundable despot of £750 to secure the booking and final balance paid by no later than 1st October.

All prices are inclusive of VAT and include single occupancy room and full board accommodation.

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