Date(s) - 21/04/2020 - 24/04/2020 - All Day

Are you at a crossroads in life and don’t know which way to turn? Do you feel stuck and unable to move forward with purpose? Are you reluctant to take action because it might mean giving up all that you have invested in.

iOpener can help.

iOpener is a transformative development programme for those who seek or face change in their lives.

It is designed to give individuals the clarity, impetus and direction to embrace change, whatever form it takes.

The programme starts with a three day retreat held at Florence House, ideally situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the Sussex coast.

A thoughtfully structured programme, iOpener allows individuals time to focus and make meaningful progress in a way that is not possible given the stresses and demands of everyday life. Working in tailored one-to-one and group sessions, individuals will be guided by expert coaches to reflect on the things that matter to them, identify passions and learn how to release limiting beliefs which may be holding them back. They will be supported as they visualise the life they want and design a plan to achieve it. Follow-on coaching and group conversations help to further evolve plans and sustain momentum.


Since 2002, iCoach has been supporting individuals, teams and organisations to make positive transitions. We are recognised in the field for our design of tailored, creative development programmes and our professional, robust approach. iOpener is a new programme from iCoach, specifically designed to support individuals master transition.

As our world continues to change at a rapid pace and with life expectancy on the increase, the question is no longer whether we will have a second or third career or enjoy a second or third life but when or at what age. We are also likely to encounter more frequent transitions than the myth of mid-life espouses. Achieving a successful transition is not simple or quick and self-actualisation is a work of art, something achieved through perseverance and skill.

iOpener is designed to partner individuals through key transitions, helping them listen to their inner selves, take steps forward on the path to self-realisation and develop the skills to master future transitions. Our coaches are experts in the fields of individual and organisation development, psychology and adult learning, and all have rich and diverse experience in coaching individuals through transition supporting them to refresh their sense of purpose and passion. To learn more, click on this link https://goo.gl/DllhUO



Email: caroline@i-coach.co.uk

Link: https://iopener.i-coach.co.uk